Antibiotics In Our Life

Published: 11th March 2011
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There are lots of discussions concerning the issue of antibiotics in the modern medicine. Their role and influence on human body are widely discussed in the medical circles. And we, simple patients, are used to follow doctor's instructions without questions. However, may be it is necessary to interest what effects of often use of antibiotics can be felt. And what, actually, are pro and contra antibiotics.

No doubt that such infections, including life-threatening contagious diseases must be treated with the help of antibiotics. But sometimes antibiotics can cause more harm than good if you take them incorrectly. Remember that antibiotics do not work for viral infections including flue and cold. In this case you should control the disease by other methods. The recovery may take 2 weeks or longer. The involvement of antibiotics in this case will only worsen the situation. You will not feel any positive tendencies, but only will let the disease spread more.

So, before using antibiotics make sure that your disease should be treated with them. Next thing which you should check, is the validity of the antibiotics you are going to use. Also, the correct mode of administration is a key factor for the optimal effect.

Among a large variety of antibiotics it is necessary to select the antibiotic needed namely for your case. Generally speaking, the main function of antibiotics is essentially the same: to eliminate the bacteria which causes the inflammation. However, there are different categories of antibiotics. Besides, each antibiotic varies by the strength. Sometimes there is no need to use a very strong antibiotic. If health condition is not really sever there is a row of special antibiotics for this case. In more sever health states the doctor will prescribe stronger medications. This should be evaluated only by the physician.

Also remember that the treatment only with antibiotics may not lead to the complete recovery. The infection will be eliminated but the symptoms may not be gone away till the end. For the most successful results it is highly recommended to combine antibiotics with other appropriate medications.

So, the role of antibiotics in our life is very important. they save lives - it is the truth. No matter how we treat them and what we speak about them (they influence negative human organism and kill everything in organism, etc) we can not manage without them if the health condition is complicated.

So, antibiotics should be treated first of all as real savers of human lives. It is a real achievement in modern medicine. Without antibiotics thousands and thousands of people would have been dead.

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